Reklama Renginiai ir konferencijos National Showcase - CYPRUS 6th of October 2011

National Showcase - CYPRUS 6th of October 2011

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The Cyprus Partner EDITC is planning an event and a National Showcase on the 6th of October 2011. People that have participated in the end user pilots, people from various disadvantaged groups and other stakeholders have been invited at the event and the showcase. It is expected that a total of 70 people will attend the two events.

The aim of the event is to present the Digem methodology to stakeholders as well as to people that might wish to re-engage in the learning process. We believe that it is imperative that this methodology is presented and explained to stakeholders as to what innovative it has to offer as well as to how it maybe used in the learning process.

After the event, videos from the train the trainers and end user pilots will be showcased. A coktail will follow for the participants and more videos will be projected on a whitescreen at the same time.

As there will be both Greek speaking and English speaking attendees at the event and showcase, translation equipment will be provided to the participants